Send fake traffic to your website

Google Analytics Booster
Google Analytics Booster script sends unlimited unique visitors that show up in your Google Analytics statistics.
Main features include:
Customizable Proxy list (IP address) to send unique traffic to show up in your Google Analytics account.
Each Proxy is identified as a unique visit.
Customizable user-agents (browser list), so that each visit will appear to come from a different browser and traffic will look more realistic.
The statistics also get displayed in Google analytics real time traffic feature.
Option to specify referral link from where traffic is comming to your website.
The script shows response from connection to each proxy list (OK or Error), so that you can optimize your proxy list for best results.
The script requires PHP enabled web hosting with fsockopen() function enabled.
Compatible with all major browsers.
Download the script immediately after purchase.

100% Money Back Guarantee 100% money back guarantee for any installation issues.
We will refund your order if you are not able to install your web hosting meets the requirements mentiond above but you still face installation issues.
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